Our Equipment

Track skidsteers allow us to work in all types of terrain and ground conditions.  They are outfitted with various attachments that almost completely eliminate the need for manual labor and dramatically increase the safety of the working conditions.

Forestry mulchers clear all underbrush and small trees 4” and under

The Feller Buncher is capable of cutting and laying down trees up to 22″

The tree shear can shear and pile trees up to 15” in diameter and place them in piles to be grabbed by the skidder

The grapple skidder hauls the trees to the chipper.

380 HP chipper with a grapple loader and operator station allows the operator to safely chip material from the comfort of a seat

The Bandit 4000T stump grinder will grind any size stumps to eliminate the need to pull them with an excavator leaving a much cleaner jobsite

At the end of a job a root rake cleans up all the left over debris and that, along with any oversized logs and chips are removed with the grapple truck.